Gravitational lensing

Counting Thoughts personnel have worked on projects for diverse clients such as NASA, ESA, universities, schools and commercial organisations in the renewable and nuclear power sectors. Our projects range from applets that perform simple calculations to advanced number-crunching applications, from modelling and ray-tracing the effects of super-massive gravitational lenses over cosmological distances, to energy yield prediction software and condition monitoring applications in the power generation sectors.

We have developed software for educational and training purposes. We have expertise in developing projects using Java, PHP, SQL, C, C++, Fortran, Prolog, SAS, Visual Basic, Javascript, IDL and certain assemblers.

We have expertise in: physics, astronomy, mathematics, statistics, computing, artificial intelligence. We build models together with data visualisation tools for your projects. We check documents, scripts, web pages and forums for scientific accuracy. If we do not have the required expertise we will help you locate and work with experts in specialist fields. We can write, or re-write reports, software, web pages to explain scientific results in an accessible manner.