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Einstein Year
Weigh the World The "Weigh the World" challenge is an initiative undertaken by Counting Thoughts in collaboration with the Glasgow Science Centre and DJB Microtech, with the support of the John Muir Trust and the Astronomer Royal for Scotland. The challenge involved determining the mass of the Earth on June 21st, 2005, at Schiehallion, in Scotland, using a method inspired by the technique first successfully used there in 1774.
A free worksheet describing a simple classroom based experiment to determine the mass of the Earth can be downloaded below. The results obtained can be entered and viewed below.
Counting Thoughts gave a presentation about the results at the Glasgow Science Centre on July 28th, 2005, which you can review below.

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Download presentation (6 MB) |Notes (PDF) | Results (Word)
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Free worksheet

The Earth

Press coverage: Newsnight Scotland, Discovery Channel, TES, PhysOrg, DogmaNet, Good Morning Scotland, The Scotsman, Glasgow Evening Times, Scotland Today

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