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sureanimations for Higher Biology

Cells types – "... We found that this was one of the software’s best animations. It gives the user a 3D effect that is difficult to demonstrate with other audio-visual materials."

Viral replication – "An excellent animation shows viral replication very effectively and the combination of sound and animation made the learning fun, really engaging the students."

"Overall we found the whole program refreshing with some interesting and well-designed graphics."

Mike Cheung, Principal teacher of Science, Tynecastle High School, SecEd Review

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SURE · Q · for Higher subjects

"Having purchased a number of maths software packages over the last few years I can safely say that this is the best that I have seen."

Rob Stephen, teacher, Maths Department, Harlaw Academy, SecEd Review

"[SURE Q for Higher Physics] improves the learning experience and satisfies Assessment for Learning. I would recommend this for a Physics department."

Jane Ross, PT, Physics Department, Harlaw Academy, SecEd Review

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"Simulations rather than animations are used. These allow a degree of interactivity so that experiments can be performed and variables altered by the user."

"Interestingly, some simulations can be viewed on two different levels, which relate the macro properties of physical behaviour to a deeper look into the underlying physics on the micro or particle level. For example, a gas law simulation will examine the relationship between the pressure and temperature of the gas. Zooming in using the microsim tool then enables the particle behaviour and the kinetic model to be examined."

"For the more inquisitive student, a series of investigations are included, which take learning a step further."

Nick Forwood, Physics Education (Iop) Review

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SURE · Q · for GCSE Maths

"The provision of instant and constructive feedback makes it especially useful, as does the answer log. It has a really smart user interface and is very easy to use. The question bank is extensive with good quality questions relevant to the syllabus. The model answers are excellent, providing the right amount of detail, and presented with great clarity"

"There is good feedback when questions are answered incorrectly. This feedback often relates specifically to the way a student answered the question."

Kate Clitheroe, Maths Teacher, Schoolzone Review

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SURE · Q · for GCSE subjects

" was clear from the start that it was a comprehensive tool, allowing detailed tracking of pupils' progress."

Kester Brewin, GCSE Science SecEd Review

"There was a reasonable spread of to-the-point, accurately-levelled, good-quality questions offering a wide range of knowledge and understanding for the students to access."

"Two features I particularly liked were the student log and the model answer information ... Also very helpful is the user manager which enables the teacher to look at student use and provide a host of information including last date used and correct answer details ..."

Paul Miller, GCSE Maths SecEd Review

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