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  • sure animations for higher biology has 20 high quality animations
  • Specifically designed for SQA Higher Biology
  • Animations are fully annotated
  • Detailed descriptions give full details of each animated process
  • Easy to use movie selection
  • Contains additional free set of advanced biology animations
  • Have you got a question about sure animations for higher biology? email

List of animations

  1. Cell types
  2. Cell absorption
  3. Diffusion and osmosis
  4. Plasma membrane fluid mosaic model
  5. Active transport
  6. Glycolosis
  7. Mitochondrial structure
  8. Krebs' cycle
  9. Cytochrome system
  10. Photosynthesis: Light-dependent stage
  11. Photosynthesis: Carbon fixation
  12. Antibody
  13. DNA
  14. DNA and RNA
  15. Protein synthesis
  16. Virus replication
  17. Phagocytosis
  18. Meiosis
  19. Mutation
  20. Jacob-Monod hypothesis