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2014-02-17 Ceartas runs on any system
Until recently Ceartas, our software for running law practices, only ran on Windows, though on any version from XP up to the most recent Windows 8.1. Following requests from some of our users, we have now tested ceartas on both Mac OS X and Linux too.

For more information, please visit

2011-10-03 Ceartas 5.0 release
Counting Thoughts in partnership with Scottish solicitors Livingstone Brown release version 5 of the Ceartas case management software.

Ceartas has for a long time been a mainstay of many a Scottish law practice and now, with the release of Ceartas 5, it is sure to surpass its previous successes.

2010-10-01 Ceartas development
Counting Thoughts in partnership with Scottish solicitors Livingstone Brown begin development of the Ceartas case management software.

Ceartas is a file and case management application with extensive accounts and billing facilities for both privately funded and legal aid work. Ceartas tracks clients, cases and accounts and can be used on the move with your phone, tablet or laptop.

2010-09-17 AllOfICT Catalogue
Counting Thoughts Higher products and GCSE products are amongst the products listed in the newly released 2010 AllOfICT catalogue.

AllOfICT specialises in finding the new, the innovative, the niche and the inspirational. AllOfICT has brought them together in one place, categorised them and provided tools to help you find what might interest you.

2010-03-04 SciChem 2010 Catalogue
Counting Thoughts Higher products and GCSE products are amongst the products listed in the newly released 2010 SciChem catalogue.

SciChem are the market leader in the supply of science education equipment and resources for secondary education in the UK. In 2007 the company celebrated fifty years serving customers.

2009-10-08 Free Biology animation
Counting Thoughts is giving away a FREE Protein Synthesis animation from its SURE Animations suite. SURE Animations for Higher Biology has 20 high quality animations specifically designed for SQA Higher Biology and also comes with free advanced biology animations.

Click here to find out more and to view or download a sample animations.

2009-09-30 SURE animations review
SURE Animations for Higher Biology has received a very positive review in the SecEd Scottish issue on 27th August 2009.

Click here to read the review or click here to find out more about SURE Animations and to view or download a sample animations.

2009-01-20 Biology animations
SURE Animations for Higher Biology is now available. It has 20 high quality animations specifically designed for SQA Higher Biology and also comes with free advanced biology animations.

Click here to find out more and to view or download a sample animation.

2008-10-03 RM and Counting Thoughts
Counting Thoughts has gone into partnership with RM.

We have a new pricing scheme which allows a greater range of licencing and purchasing options. Please visit the Higher products page or the GCSE products page for more details.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our new pricing scheme.

2008-06-05 Biology animations
Counting Thoughts are developing a high quality animation suite for the SQA Higher Biology curriculum.

Click here to view or download a sample animation.

Further animations are currently being developed, including meiosis and protein synthesis. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions about the animations.

2008-03-31 SURE Q for Linux
SURE · Q · is now available for Linux! More than that, it can also run happily on sub-laptop machines with small screens, e.g. 800x480 resolution. We're working on packages for various Linux distros, but in the mean time please get in touch if you're interested in the Linux version.

Tux image by Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski .

2007-10-31 Google's Green Drive
Search engine giants GOOGLE have used the AMEE platform to create a new carbon calculator gadget. Launched today, Google's calculator illustrates the high profile nature of climate change, as well as demonstrating how corporate involvement can benefit environmental issues. Counting Thoughts have played a significant part in this as their input into the creation of AMEE 'Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine' has played a vital part in the whole process. Read about AMEE on the d:gen blog.

2007-10-26 thrive42 for all
Doing questions is an essential part of learning but you can learn even more from writing questions.

With this in mind we have altered our registration status to allow every user-not just teachers-to be a potential editor and contribute questions to the site.
We would encourage visitors to register and emphasise that thrive42 is monitored to ensure accuracy and promote academic excellence. Register HERE to start contributing questions.

2007-10-25 SURE Q site licence offer
As schools return for a new term and academic year, we are certain that our generous autumn promotion will be of interest to both teachers and pupils. We are offering free SURE · Q · home licences for a subject for students sitting exams in 2008 when a school purchases a site licence for that subject. Enter your details here by 31st October to take advantage of this offer. Please note: entering your details is not an obligation to purchase.

Enter your details here if you wish to receive regular email updates about Counting Thoughts' products.

2007-09-20 SURE Q in MacFormat
October's edition of MacFormat magazine (Issue 187) includes a DVD insert featuring over 100 SURE Q Maths questions. The set contains questions devised for both the Higher and GCSE curricula.

In next month's edition, MacFormat will feature content from some of SURE Q's Science packages. Enthusiasts should visit MacFormat online for all things Mac.

2007-06-29 CO2 calculator launched
After months of development, the government launched the carbon calculator on June 20th. Former Environment Secretary David Milliband made several media appearances to promote and answer questions about the calculator. He also made a guest appearance in 3-d virtual world 'Second Life'. The initial response to the calculator was very postive with traffic to the site reaching a peak two days after the launch. The carbon calculator is powered by AMEE the 'Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine', designed and developed by d::gen, in partnership with Counting Thoughts. Read about AMEE on the d:gen blog. Try the carbon calculator here.

2007-06-14 Teachers approve SURE Q
SURE Q's GCSE Maths package has recently been reviewed by online educational site 'Schoolzone'. The review, which was written by a secondary maths teacher, focusses on the various features that SURE Q GCSE Maths offers. SURE Q's straightforward format and instant feedback were two aspects that were mentioned. Kate Clitheroe Maths Teacher wrote "The model answers are excellent, providing the right amount of detail, and presented with great clarity". Read the review in full at Schoolzone.

2007-05-24 Are you ready to thrive?
After months of careful development, has been put online as an educational resource for Higher and GCSE subjects. Counting Thoughts have created this new site to function as an open learning source as it encourages visitors to contribute new questions and generally interact with the site. It already contains 200 questions and these can be edited by teachers. Thrive42 welcomes its users to submit their own questions and will be developing a forum where views can be shared and questions answered.

To try out some of the questions click here.

2007-04-27 'We're in this together'
The government announced its support for a new campaign that aims to raise climate change awareness. The Climate Group has proposed various measures that both businesses and individuals can implement to cut their carbon emissions. Counting Thoughts, in partnership with d::gen, have been involved in creating a carbon calculator for Defra (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). This calculator allows individuals to calculate their individual carbon emission and will be available in late spring.

To read more about the proposals behind the campaign go to HERE

2007-04-05 Loughborough ATM
Staff from Counting Thoughts attended the 2007 Annual Maths Teachers Meeting held at Loughborough University. The conference attracted a wide range of maths professionals including secondary teachers and university lecturers from overseas. SURE Q's philosophy of assessment for learning and continuous assessment was well received. Conferences such as this provide an excellent opportunity for those in the educational software business to get feedback from teachers and also to compare products with other exhibitors. To find out more about the association visit ATM online.

2007-03-24 ASE conference talk
Andrew Conway from Counting Thoughts will be speaking at the ASE Chelmsford Area Science & CPD Conference in Chelmsford on Saturday 17th March. The conference promotes the latest innovations in science with various talks held throughout the day. Registration is at 9.00am with reduced rates for ASE members. The conference is to be held at the King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford. Andrew will be explaining how SURE products relate to formative assessment and assessment for learning.

Talks begin at 3.00pm. To find out more about about the ASE go to

2007-03-23 Counting the carbon cost
In recent times, the effects of increased industrialisation on the environment has been made increasingly apparent. Within just over two centuries, the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere has increased by 150%.

Counting Thoughts has been involved with the creation of several carbon calculator projects-software designed to calculate the amount of carbon produced by an individual in a year. We foresee that these calculators will raise public awareness about carbon emission whilst promoting strategies for a more ecological lifestyle. Why not try out one of these calculators for yourself HERE

2007-03-15 Rave reviews for SURE Q
SURE Q received a trio of great reviews for its Physics, Maths and Biology packages see- SecEd - issue 132, March 8 2007. Rob Stephen of Harlaw Academy wrote "Having purchased a number of maths software packages over the last few years I can safely say that this is the best I've seen". All reviews are by experienced, practising teachers after in-class usage. Find out more about SecEd here.